Date & Time
Tuesday, June 23, 2020, 11:15 AM - 11:45 AM
Keynote Address – The Revolution of Work will be Improvised: The Behavioral Science of Improv and its Applications to Modern Leadership

The future of work is increasingly digital, decentralized and messy. We were never very good at communicating and understanding one another -- just imagine how bad things might get when we need our humans to access their most human qualities: empathy, divergent thinking, problem solving and storytelling.

Fortunately we have an APP for that. Actually, it's not an app.... It's improvisation. Improvisation is a practice in tapping into our collaborative and creative selves. In this keynote Second City's Kelly Leonard will give you an improvisational primer on using an evidence-based approach to learning through improvisation, and why this is the key to the next great work revolution.

  • How an improv mindset is critical to success in the digital workplace
  • The underlying behavioral science that supports an improvisational approach
  • Improv applications that you can start practicing right now to stay agile, innovative and solving the next big problems
Kelly Leonard