Date & Time
Tuesday, June 23, 2020, 12:15 PM - 1:00 PM
Breakout – The Decade of Courage Manifesto:  DWG's 12 Action Points for Essential Workplace Transformation

In this powerful talk DWG CEO and Founder Paul Miller lays out DWG's 12 action points for essential workplace transformation as we enter what he calls the "Decade of Courage".

COVID-19 closed most physical workplaces in a sudden, unexpected and totally unprecedented way. But imagine for a moment the opposite scenario: one in which most digital rather than physical workplaces had been shut down; where governments had mandated that with immediate effect no one could enter their digital workplace, and were instead required to work only in a physical place devoid of technology. How much work would you have gotten done? Within minutes of the "closure" of the digital workplace, work would have ground to a shuddering halt.

The power of such emergencies is that they bring to our awareness who and what really matters. COVID-19 finally revealed to us that, beneath our feet for more than 20 years, the digital workplace has been gradually and persistently becoming the essential workplace. Here are the 12 action points that have now become essential.

Learning objectives

This manifesto is designed to support, stimulate and encourage digital leaders in all organizations as we take the crucial decisions that will shape our own future and that of our colleagues and companies. DWG's 12 action points for essential digital workplace transformation will help you understand:

  • How you can ensure better business resilience for when COVID-19 and other health scares or climate events arise.
  • What you should retain from the COVID-19-driven work changes, where to revert and where to innovate.
  • As the debate about what will constitute the ‘new normal’ continues, how to find the courage to take bold, imaginative and resilient approaches to move forward with confidence and a positive outlook.
Paul Miller